Monday, January 30, 2012

Meal Plan Monday

Meal Plan W/E 2/5/12

Last week was a wash. It started out ok but starting Thursday my whole house was sick and it was all i could do to eat saltines. So there's a couple of carry overs. oh and because of some possible health stuff of the hubbies I have to cook bland foods. Not that I'm cooking spicy food everynight but I don't know how to do bland.

Monday: Pot Pie

Tuesday: Stuffed peppers, with spinach and lentils? or something

Wednesday: some version of pasta.

Thursday: Frittata with corn and spinach

Friday: I want to make bbq chickpea burritos with leftover spanish rice,but I don't know if it will happen. But  I really need to use up the tortillas I have in the fridge. hhmm.

Saturday and Sunday are up for grabs. so far I've planned without going to the store. I love that I have five nights worth of dinner without going to the store.

oh and I need to tell everyone about my recent discovery on Pinterest. 

My Fridge Food is a great website where you check off what you currently have in your fridge/pantry and it comes up with recipes based on what you have. How brilliant is that? the hubby and I have been talking about needing some sort of data base like this and look theres a website!

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