Saturday, January 14, 2012

Being held hostage

So my husband and I have this thing we say when something is taking way too long:We're being held hostage.

It started one night when we went to Denny's for dessert and coffee. Something that shouldn't take that long. I think it took something around 20 minutes for a waitress to bring us water, and forget about trying to get our check. I think that took like 30 or 40. for a couple of pieces of pie and coffee. We were being held hostage by Denny's.

Now the phrase has stuck. It's funny and kinda not because the particular denny's where it started actually got held up once by a man with a gun.(we weren't there but a waitress we knew was, she's fine). We didn't go back after that happened. 

So when we spent 20 minutes alone on the sales floor and lens  crafters? we were being held hostage.

Today I got held hostage by not 1 but 3 different places. First the east bay. I had to take my sewing machine in to be serviced and the closest place is in walnut creek. (blegh) On my way back I realized I had no toll money. So I decided to stop at the bank. it took me 45 minutes just to get to the shopping center I needed. Granted I stopped at Verizon because my phone is being stupid (why is it always my phone?). But still, shouldn't take that long.

Second I got held hostage by North Beach. I needed to drop off my scissors to be sharpened and I was stupid enough to go there on the weekend of Chinese New Year. (North beach is right next to China Town).

Finally got all my errands done and just wanted to go home. Then I got held hostage by my street. There was a tow truck blocking the whole intersection and I had to go all the way around just to get home.

Finally I'm Here. 

Do you ever get "held hostage" by places or have funny sayings in your family that makes no sense to anyone but you?

And lately I can't seem to have short post. hmm.

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