Tuesday, December 13, 2011


My Grandmother passed away this morning. I didn't even know she was sick, it apparently was very quick.

She would have been 85 this December, I think. maybe 86? I'm named after her. she spelled it Joscelin and when my parents decided to name me after he she asked they swap the i out for a y.

Both our birthdays are in December. One year when i was 10 or 11 she took me to see the nutcracker ballet for my birthday when I was at my grandparents house over christmas break.

She took me ice skating for the first time too. I begged and begged for a couple of years if she would take me and finally she gave in. She was so suprised when she could see that I could do it.

so many bits and pieces of memories are jumbled in my head. It's been so long since i've seen her some memories are harder to remember then others.

some that stand out:

swimming in the ocean at redondo beach and her wrapping her weddings rings with medical tape so she wouldn't loose them (I found out at the funeral that they were married 63 years and she never took them off)

calling root beer floats brown cows

her calling me sweet girl

Shopping, lots of shopping,

her blue eyes

her white hair that she would sit and curl in the mornings

how very well dressed she always was

her love for rose print

the list goes on

I have a stack of fabrics I've been stashing away that reminded me of her. I was planning on making her a quilt once I had enough and knew what pattern. Now I don't know.

This was written right after I found out. Now that it's December and the holidays/her birthday month I'm really missing her. I can only imagine how my 91 year old grandfather is doing. I need to call and check in this week. His birthday is a week after mine,  I need to get his card in the mail. 

This holiday season I'm missing both my grandmothers. Is there anyone you think of especially at Christmas time? 

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  1. A very sweet friend of mine died of cancer when I was younger. Her birthday was in December, and I still own some of her Christmas sweaters. I think of her often, but especially this time of year. Living thousands of miles from family and close friends I miss them year round. However, having lost people near and dear to me I feel blessed to just be able to call them or facebook them. *hugs*