Monday, September 5, 2011

Harvest Time

I'm in the mood for fall.
I took down my summer-ish decorations yesterday and put up my fall decorations.
It made me happy, makes me feel like it's almost Thanksgiving, which I love.

I like how the book shelf turned out but I'm thinking I need to iron the lace collar I got for a buck at the dollar a yard store I was at when I went on the quilt retreat at the beginning of the year.

The shelf needs some help, its looking sad. I have blue poster mount putty stuck on my walls from when I had the tea cups and saucers up there. It's not coming off as easy as it's supposed to. maybe I just stick some fake leaves I have on them and call it good?

We went to our neighborhood farmers market yesterday towards the end of the day and one of the vendors whats packing up mixed bags of produce for $5. We had gotten a couple of other veggies but we said why not?

Here's the bag we got

This is how much it weighs w/o the bell pepper. with it,it was just too much for our 11lb kitchen scale.

Here's everything we got. in the back there if you can't tell there's a handful of brussel sprouts and in front of the cabbage are cucumbers. We also have 4 more zuchinni and 2 more cucumbers we had already bought along with some baby spinach left over from last week.

I now have no idea what to do with it all besides soup, which is just boring. I'm especially stumped by the peppers as I don't generally cook with them a whole lot. I made guacamole with one of them last night and not even the whole thing. I'll use rest of it in the tortilla soup that I'll probably make tonight or tomorrow.

Anyone have any ideas?

I really would love to use all of them. I don't even think we got this much or this much a variety when we were getting boxes delivered from our local CSA.

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