Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt (Wish List Wednesday)

I haven't done one of these in a while and this is a WLW and and fulfilled all in one.

So word around the quilting blog world is that everyone is doing the Farmers Wife Sampler quilt. all 111 blocks. I think that's slightly crazy and totally commendable.

I've been ooohing and aawwing over the progress some have done and have been wanting the book. Still not certain if I'll join the band wagon but I love the idea of it and the stories that go with each block.

Well last week I decided to purge some books. I'm on this simplifying kick. It started with my random plan for the month of moving to Boston. Well I took a bunch of books to the cute little used book store in my neighborhood and got a bunch of credit. I left not knowing what I was going to do with and a couple days later it hit me, the Farmers Wife!

They ordered it and I picked it up last night. I'm going on an unexpected trip tomorrow and will be flying and since the book is surprisingly smaller than I expected I think I may be popping it in my bag.

Now I haven't read any of the directions but from flipping through it looks like all the blocks are paper pieced. I've never done paper piecing. So I have a question for anyone who's doing it or done paper piecing before, how is it?

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  1. Paper piecing can be a bit challenging at first but certainly one you can master. My recommendation to you is to go to you tube and search paper piecing and watch a couple of videos, and even follow along with some simple ones and you should be ready to do yours. Once you've done a couple, you will get the hang of it - I'm certain! Blessings!