Sunday, March 20, 2011


I had a burst of inspiration last week on how I wanted my apartment to look. It's something I've struggled with since I got married basically.

I know what I like but I didn't know how to make it come together for a whole cohesive 'look'. Well that and how to do it on a budget. Slowly but surely I've been perusing home magazine and more and more I can describe what it is I like. ( knowing myself and my tastes as I get older probably helps alot, my 20 year old self did not know herself all that well) I still couldn't tell you what particular style it is.


Whatever that equates to.

Yesterday I went to goodwill and salvation army and found some pieces I just love for my dining room. Some awesome tea cups and plates to hang on my wall.

I sorted my buttons by color and put them in some votive holders I have. it makes me smile

What about you? Have you always known what your design aesthetic is for your home or have you struggled like I have? If so what has helped you figure it out along the way?

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  1. I struggle with decorating all the time. Mostly because I have lived in rentals and I try to decorate with what's already there. My apartment in Clovis had those dark brown carpets so I went with Earth tones, greens and browns. Now I'm drawn to black and whites with splashes of color...but I can see that changing as I grow older too. Also, trying to decorate with another person is mind has changed my ideas about decorating too. I don't think I'll ever really pick a certain style...unless "lived in" is the new thing!