Saturday, December 4, 2010

Saturday Morning Coffee

I miss blogging on a quasi regular basis, I really do.

Between my new job, and the start of the holiday's I just have zero time.

I am taking pictures though of all my Christmas presents I'm working on so eventually they'll be turned into blogs. It's probably better that I don't post any pictures till after as quite a few recipients of the presents read my blog.My goal is a mostly homemade Christmas. I think I will accomplish this goal.

Today I get my tree and get to co-teach a quilting class. I'm a little nervous, the actual teacher has family in town and wont be there and asked me and a friend if we would take over for today. it's a beginning quilting class and they're doing a 9 patch so I know I can do it, as always I'm letting fear get the better of me.

Ok now off to eat yummy pancakes and eggs my hubby cooked for me

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