Saturday, October 23, 2010

Today brought to you by the letter "G"

Goodwill Goodies and Go Giants! making the world series!!!

The hubby and I had quite a rainy day adventure today.

It started off a little rocky as I woke up with a migraine but by the end of a scrumptious breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants I was doing pretty well.

Our next stop was the big, beautiful Goodwill downtown. Most in this city, being this city are way over priced and more like fancy consignment shops than the good deals I'm used to. This one however is awesome,huge, great selection and great prices.

I was there in search of some costume elements for the Christmas musical my church is doing. I'm one of the people who have to come up with an example to show the rest of the choir in a few weeks so they know how to do it themselves. I found 1 (1!) skirt but in the process I came up with a great idea to get the volume I need for the skirts.

I also found some wonderful goodies, including a scarf I'm going to use as a table runner or to drape on top of my hutch (.99 cents, cant go wrong and looks really nice with my new table topper) some really cute handmade place mats ( a set of 4 for a $1.99),a bag of buttons for a dollar! (yay buttons! now I just need to find a bigger button tin), and this really cool table top metal votive holder that I'm seriously considering mounting to the wall and using as a coat rack (my husband thinks I'm crazy) just in case I stick with it's intended use I found some yummy smelling pumpkin spice votive candles at Ross.

We also perused some other stores and ended up going to see Secretariat (really good, just perfect for the day). Overall it was a great rainy day spent with my husband, just the 2 of us with no where to rush to, just what we both needed.

the way it's intended, we'll see if it stays that way
these just made my day, one had some sort of label one them for something called the maryknoll seedling of hope,who knows?

the polka dots are navy, just too cute. I think I've entered some sort of retro kitchy phase, we'll see how long it lasts.

blogger still hates me and it wont publish the font or color the way I tell it to. Does anyone know whats wrong or how to fix it?


  1. Hey girl! I love the idea for the candleholder to be jacket pegs - just make sure they are strong enough to hold one of David's heavy leather jackets! I also wanted to tell you about this - a Blog Quilt Show! Here's a link to where I found out about it:

    I am thinking about entering, but I only have that one small quilt right now...but you have more, or at least pictures of more. :P

  2. Love all the treasures you found today! I wish I could help you with the font problem. I can't imagine why it is doing that. Try clicking on "help" in the dashboard and doing a search. Blessings!