Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fall Decor

everyone is starting to break out there fall decor. I have virtually no fall decor.

For most of my married life I was mostly missing the I want to decorate my house gene. further more I was I completely missing the my home needs to be decorated for the seasons gene. Sure, I hung pictures and generally tried to make things look nice. But I was always pretty lost when it came to arranging knick knacks. Also, I loved other peoples homes that were decorated for the season. Namely my mother-in-laws mantle. It always looks amazing.

I decorated for Christmas, of course. It's Christmas after all, how can you not?

Then last year hit, and I don't know if it was an innate change in me, a great influence of The Home Experience, my friends or all three. All of sudden last fall, I wanted to make my apartment fall-y.

I was working in Longs drug stores helping converting them to CVS. They had all their fall/Halloween stuff out and I was just having too much
fun. almost every break I would go over and look to see what I had missed and imagine what I would want in my home. Granted they didn't have a whole lot as it is a drug store but all of a sudden it just clicked and I needed something autumn for my home

I ended up with these little votive holders and some pumpkin spice tea light candles to go with them. Another thing I've never really been is a candle person, so this was a big deal on a couple of levels.

So this year I broke out my candles, I shall soon be working on my fall quilt, but its just not enough. I have an empty wreath form I picked up at the dollar store that I want to decorate, but I am a loss of what to do.

Since I'm not a huge autumn person I don't have a lot of fabric in that color scheme to draw from

Here's a few I found online that I like

I love the initials on this (of course!)

Ok dear readers, how do you, if anything decorate for fall? or any season? I need ideas!

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