Saturday, March 24, 2012

Saturday Morning Coffee

a coffee mug always does the job 

My Husband is at a bible study and I'm supposed to be babysitting. Because of the rain though it's been canceled (the dad was going to a tai chi class)

Instead I am savoring my coffee and the relative quiet of my apartment (the neighbors as always are stomping around)

We went on an amazing date last night. Tried one of the last of 2 restaurants in our neighborhood that we haven't been to. Gialina's, it has amazing pizza and their menu changes daily, we like that. We had a pizza with Gorgonzola,Bacon and Yukon gold potatoes, yum! Then on to our favorite cafe for some coffee so I could stay up late because we went and saw The Hunger Games. First time we'e gone and seen a movie on opening weekend in a really long time. We even got there super early to ensure good seats, so worth it. I greatly enjoyed it, I just keep having to remind myself the little details don't matter and it will never be as good as the book. (that sounds like a bad review, I promise it's not) 

I think I shall now go put on Pandora, open the curtains to the beautiful rainy day and do some cleaning.

I also need to find my birth certificate. It's not lost, I just can't remember what box it's in. I really really really need to get my passport.

Or maybe I'll read some more of the book I'm currently reading

Decisions, decisions.

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