Thursday, December 15, 2011

Meal Plan Monday (Thursday Edition)

Week ? 9? 10? W/E 12/18/11

I've had a plan just haven't been able to sit down and write it down. Last week was full of junk. This is what happens when no plan is written and I never made it to the grocery store. This week's plan is trying to put some good stuff back in our bodies.

Monday- My Birthday my wonderful husband cooked me dinner. Spinach ravioli with garlic cheesy bread and a super yummy salad

(Taco)Tuesday- BBQ chickpea tacos with guacamole and home made spanish rice. I made a salad of sorts out of this with the leftovers and include pea shoots. I gave some to the toddler I take care of and she gobbled it up yesterday, it was a good moment.

Wednesday: Was supposed to be lavash wraps but we ended up Christmas shopping so we got Chipotle instead. oh well.

Thursday: Lavash wraps or yellow curry and vegetables

Friday: Whatever I didn't have Thursday

Saturday: We're going to the nutcracker with my in-laws for my birthday so dinner out will probably be involved. I was thinking of making a pork tenderloin if I decide to cook. I use this really good balsamic vinegar and garlic recipe that's super easy and always comes out amazing.

Sunday: Lavash Pizza with green onions, olives and bell peppers

From here on out the meal plans will probably be few and far between. I have one of my BFF's who lives in Boston coming next week, plus Christmas and trying to finish gifts. after that will be the fast my church does at the beginning of each year and although it's not a complete fast very little actual cooking is done during this time. 

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