Monday, December 19, 2011

Home Made Christmas

There's not a lot I can show about this year's home made gifts but I can talk about my reasons for doing so.

It started out as financial. There's been more than a few Christmas's where the hubby and I were either poor starving college students or just flat out broke. I love Christmas though so this isn't going to deter me. Plus as a quilter I have built up quite the stash of fabric and other crafting supplies. So really I just need to get innovative.

Here are some of the gifts I have made in the past:

Felted wool TARDIS picture I made for my father-in-law (Doctor Who is a big favorite in our family, I really wish I had a picture of this one. I'll have to try when we're back for Christmas. He has it hanging in his office.)

Sunflower pillow for my sister-in-law

Lavender and Flax seed eye pillows (links to the pattern I use as a rough guide, I don't mess around with interfacing but  I did make both the pillow and the carrying case)

Personalized Note cards

Knitted beanie's 

There's quite a few other things I've made but these are just a few.

 So Our financial situation has changed quite a bit. We're by no means rolling in money but both being gainfully employed helps in that department. 

This however has not stopped us from continue to try and make most of our gifts. I had a conversation with the hubby last Christmas about as we move forward financially I still want to continue to make gifts. 

To me it's just so personal in this day and age of disposable consumerism. Things are getting  more and more expensive and less and less durable. I love being able to make things in specific colors or patterns or reference favorite things in pop culture that I may not be able to find otherwise. 

Sure it takes extra time and a lot of thinking outside the box but to me it's well worth it. 

Do you make Christmas gifts? If you do/have what are some of your favorite things you have made? I would love to hear-I'm always looking for new ideas


  1. I always attempt to make at least a few. Usually something quilty, sometimes knitted or crocheted. No quilts this year though. This year, I have a knitted hat for my SIL, some felt foods for my daughter, and a necklace for my neice- of a mustache. She's obsessed with them this year, for some reason. :) And as a last minute add on, I started some quick fleece pillows- one for my daughter, and one for my nephew. In years past, I have done quilts, wallhangings, scarves, hats, pillows, stuffed toys, and even one cross-stitch (not my fave craft. I've started trying to gather ideas for next year, but I really don't know for sure what I'll end up with. :) Hope you and yours have a very merry holiday!

  2. Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas! I agree with you, there is just something about homemade gifts. A very Merry Christmas to you!