Monday, November 7, 2011

Just Another Manic Monday

Meal Plan Monday will be up later. My brain wasn't quite ready to think about the week ahead this morning. Instead I cleaned a little because I've been working on cards all weekend and my apartment has exploded.Also I smashed my finger and realized I had no hair brush, just one of those mornings where I wish I could stay in bed.

My wonderful hubby has offered to drive me to work after he gets off so I have a few extra minutes to blog. 

I spent a good portion of Saturday evening and yesterday evening working on cards. I even have a new one designed and half done, haven't decided how I like it yet. 

Here's another Christmas one I came up with. 

You can find all my cards on My Etsy. All sales through December are going to  Latin American Childcare in Guayaquil, Ecuador where my church Glad Tidings will be going next summer to build classrooms. So even if you can't buy one tell your friends, it supports a great cause!

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  1. Cute! I saw your pins and I thought "she's gonna make a card with lights, i just know it!" :) btw, I was showing your cards to Scott (but he didn't know it was you) and he liked them too ("Is that a hedgehog? Ok i have to see the hedgehog, click that one") and then i told him who it was so of course he was an even bigger fan :) yay cute cards!