Friday, September 16, 2011


I've been dragging my feet for months. On many things.
The big one though? Lilac Barries.My dreams.
All because of insecurities.

Last week I was alerted to an opportunity to be part of a craft boutique at my church. This just the opportunity I need to get my act together. Coupled with the fact that I'm currently unemployed I have the time and the motivation to go through with it.

So I've been diligently working this week. My apartment looks like a fabric tornado went through it. Everything is almost done. I just have a few more stitches to do, gather everything together and figure out how I'm going to display.

The old fears are coming back. It's not even about how much money I will or will not make. It's whether or not anyone will like what I create. Each thing I make has a little bit of me in it and I've said this before but it's scary putting yourself out there.

So tomorrow 11:00, craft boutique and an awesome speaker. Hopefully it goes ok.

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  1. Its nice to read this now and know that it did :) yay! I tried a (very tiny) farmers market and i sold two things. It was pretty discouraging. So I gave up on selling anything and when an auction fundraiser came along wanting Shabby Chic things, I donated eight things. All but two sold and all for double what I had ever asked for them. There was even a bidding war on one! I was asked to do a crafting class. I guess you never know.