Monday, April 11, 2011

Fear and Easter

I'm a chicken, I admit it. I let fear stop me from doing alot of things. Usually it's fear of failure. That and I'm a procrastinator, it's a bad combo.

My dream is to have my own (small) business and one day be able to be a stay at home mama.

So I've taken the first step towards achieving that, actually doing.

I'm here to announce the Grand Opening of my Etsy shop Lilac Barries!

It's scary creating something and hoping someone will buy it. It's putting a little piece of yourself out there and hoping people like you, I mean it.

But, I can no longer let fear rule my life. Really, thats not what Easter is all about

So here's the first few cards I've made for Easter. Simple little Easter Eggs in cheerful colors. They make me happy, and I hope they make someone else happy too!

See all the cards I currently sell here


  1. Congrats on taking the leap! It is easier to move down the right road than to dig in your heels and stay put. Ohh, you are going to have so much FUN!

  2. The are just darling. Congratulations on the shop!!! Way to go for taking that next step!