Sunday, September 12, 2010


I had a spurt of inspiration while I was trying to sleep the other night. I have 2 ufo's (well more, but for what I'm thinking) that are pretty similar in size. one is a fall quilt and another is a Christmas quilt. Both have their backs pieced and are ready to be basted and I've stopped there. Well while trying to sleep I was thinking the size would be just perfect to cover my ottoman.

My ottoman came from craigslist. it's a great size, I actually use it as a coffee table. but it has some pretty major spots, so I always have a quilt folded on it to cover them. I think these two quilts will be just the right size to just drape over.

here's the culprit. great size for curling up, but not so pretty to look at. Eventually I would like to find a brown and pink plaid fabric to sew a cover for it, maybe some sort of tweed type of fabric.

Since fall is here, I think I may break out the fall quilt and finish it up. I got the fabric and pattern at PIQF last year. If I could actually get it done before this years PIQF it would be quite the accomplishment for me

Here's the back. I try to back all my quilts in flannel. I found this particular squirrel fabric at Joann's. I also like what some quilters do for the back. Piecing some of the fabric from the front on the back in case there's ever a damaged spot you can use some from the back to fix the front. So I combined the two.
This guy is my favorite,mmm pumpkin pie

And here's the front. Success, it fits quite nicely on the ottoman

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  1. That's just perfect! I love late night inspiration...however, I usually can't sleep until I try to attempt the inspiration or at least work out the logistics. :P