Monday, August 30, 2010

tray,headboard and bookshelf oh my!

So today I went on a little adventure with Katie of Possibility Springs Forth and her sister Mary. We started out at Building Resources, a great building supply salvage yard. Its got everything you could think of in relation to building things. Doors, windows,sinks,tile,marble and granite counter tops, tumbled glass,furniture,lighting fixtures on and on and on. This place was huge, and makes me want to own a home even more just to have a legitimate excuse to go there

We went in search of knobs. Katie for a little desk shes refurbishing and me for this hutch:
I found it at a yard sale for 10 dollars, I just couldn't pass it up

Katie found some that would work for her but I didn't find any that I liked. The true triumph of the day though was an oak headboard Katie found. I thought I got a picture on my phone unfortunately not. It's engraved and beautiful and will be quite the project as it doesn't have all of its pieces . Once the puzzle is put together though it's going to be fabulous

Then I saw an adorable book shelf, dismissed it quickly as not having any room for it, but sitting on top of it was a tray. Just the kind I've been looking for to put on my ottoman that is doubling as a coffee table. well it was attached. Now it was hilarious Mary pulled it right off and decided to take the book shelf for herself.

I went to pay for my tray and unbeknownst to me there had to be a 10 dollar minimum for cards and the tray was only 5. well Katie was just going to pay for me and I was going to pay her back when I the guy who was helping her with the headboard just said to throw in the tray for free. Score!

the best part of all was trying to get most of the head board, 4 dining chairs an associate at building resources threw in for free, the book shelf and 3 people in my car.

we did it though and it was great fun.

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