Thursday, August 5, 2010

Lamp Shades

Like I said a couple of posts ago I'm on the hunt for fabric to recover my lamp shades. I have 3 lamps as our living room doesn't have any over head lighting. they all have drab off white shades now. But I don't know what colors to go with.

Here's the one I'm currently leaning towards. My problem is I think I have plenty of brown and green as it is. After going through my fabric stash with my mother-in-law I've decided on a tertiary color of pink, so now I'm like well maybe I'll cover the shades in some sort of pink. the problem being I don't have an exact idea of what shade of pink or if I want a floral,solid, geometric print or what? I think a trip to the fabric store for inspiration is in order.oh darn

Here's the other fabric I was considering, I pretty sure its out though. It's too dark and too busy

So blog world, what do you think? Brown/Green color combo or Pink? I am excited though. Whatever I decide to go with, I get to buy fabric at Britex. A friend of mine gave me a gift certificate from there as a house warming and it's burning a hole in my pocket!

For a point of reference here is my living room. ignore the mess this was few weeks ago when we were still getting boxes and such organized but you can see my green couch, the ottoman of the mossy green love seat and my lovely rug that brings it all together

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